Smoke-free Home and Car

If you make your home and car smoke free you are not only protecting those you love but you are also more likely to stop smoking and remain smoke-free!

Making your home smoke-free

There are lots of benefits to having a smoke free home. Watch the video below-

Steps to make your home smoke-free

STEP 1: Hold a household meeting

This doesn’t have to be formal, perhaps over dinner everyone in the household can discuss how they feel about having the house go smoke-free. Make sure you highlight the dangers of being exposed to second-hand smoke especially if there is children in the home. During the meeting, get everyone’s input, even those that may not agree with your decision.

STEP 2 : List the household’s reasons for a smoke free home

Use the pledge document to write down the top 5 reasons agreed on by the household. Be supportive but firm about the whole household’s right to live in a smoke-free home.

STEP 3: Be prepared for challenges

Discuss as a household any foreseeable difficulties in sticking to this new rule and think of ways to overcome each one.

STEP 4: Set a date and make a household smoke-free pledge

Fill out the Pledge form . Everyone should have an input. Set a date to go smoke-free. Don’t make it too far in the future though, a week after the first meeting is best. It leaves enough time to get organised and prepare the house for the changes.

STEP 5:  Take action!

  • Set up your outside smoking area away from entrances, windows and vents
  • Put up smoke-free signs or stickers at the front and back doors and inside the home (e.g. on the fridge).
  • Remove all ashtrays from inside even the ones that you never used.
  • Give your home a good clean and an air out.
  • Put up your smoke-free pledge.

STEP 6: Celebrate!

You have done it! Your home is now smoke free. Plan to celebrate this special occasion by doing something the whole household loves. Pay special attention to those who had a hard time adjusting to the new rule, they deserve a special reward.

STEP 7: Dealing with setbacks

It might be worthwhile having another follow-up  meeting to discuss the challenges and how to overcome them. Call the Aboriginal   Quitline for help and ideas (even if you don’t smoke yourself) 137848. If there is serious family conflict, you may want to contact a family councillor from Relationships Victoria 1300 364 277.

Making your car smoke-free

Since 2010, in Victoria it is illegal to smoke in the car with anyone under 18, even if the windows are open, the roof is down or the car is turned off.

There are lots of benefits to having a smoke free car. Watch the video below-

Download our free resources to help you to have a smoke-free home and car

Pledge document


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