Deadly Smoke-free Dads

The best way to help mum to quit and to protect your bubup from cigarette smoke is to quit smoking.

Read some stories of deadly dads who quit smoking for their kids.

Stewart Taylor

Stewart, a proud Wemba Wemba man, smoked from 15 years old for 25 years on and off. He’d always wanted to quit, so when the opportunity came to go overseas on a 15 hour flight, he decided now was the time to quit smoking for good.

“I gave up the smokes, so I can keep up with my young fella”

Stewart- “I quit using patches, initially so I could survive a 15 hour overseas plane flight.
Since quitting, I don’t cough anymore, I’ve got more money, I don’t smell, my taste is better”.

“My two kids are happy I don’t smoke anymore.”

Glen Cruise

Glen is a proud Yuin and Gunai Kurnai man, who smoked for 20 years until he quit smoking cold turkey in December 2018.

Glen’s story-

“I started smoking at 22 years old because of drugs and my social environment. At 44 years old, I had enough of smoking and feeling unfit, and also high blood pressure, so I decided to quit tobacco after 20 years. I’m now feeling great and my fitness has increased.”

“Of course, I wanted to give up for my kids. The family are happy now that I’ve stopped smoking”

“I feel lot happier since I quit.”

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