Tips to keep your bubup from taking up smoking

Studies shows that children are less likely to smoke if their biggest role models – their parents/carers or close family – don’t smoke.

Children are more at risk of smoking if they:

  • experience depression, anxiety or emotional distress,
  • have mental health or behavioural problems
  • have temperaments including poor self-control, rebelliousness, or who are prone to sensation seeking and risk taking.

The best thing you can do as a primary role model is to not smoke. Children copy what they see around them; it becomes their normal.

If you have found quitting difficult and still smoke, share your experiences with your child and help them learn from your mistake.

Other tips to reinforce the no smoking message to your kids:

  • Don’t allow anyone to smoke in your home.
  • Don’t send your children to buy cigarettes for you or anyone else.
  • Encourage sport and physical activity for all family members.
  • Discuss the issue of smoking with your child when you see other people smoke.
  • Don’t let your child light a cigarette for you or anyone else.
  • If there are adult smokers in the house, make sure they keep their cigarettes where your child cannot access them. 
  • Educate your children on the harms of smoking.

If you child likes to play games, we have a new game which can educate them about tobacco on our Wayalak Against Tobacco website

For more help contact your GP or Aboriginal Quitline 137848

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