KMS – the best support for Aboriginal pregnant women and their babies

The Koori Maternity Service (KMS) program provides access to holistic, culturally appropriate care for Aboriginal women and their families during pregnancy and postnatal.

The team at DDACL is made up of our 2 Koori Maternity Services Aboriginal Support Workers; Lea and Kelly, who provide their program to the Southern Metropolitan region of Victoria.

Lea and Kelly our KMS Aboriginal Support Workers

This deadly program is available to all women who are pregnant with an Aboriginal bubup.

There are lots of extra events and activities that are exclusive to KMS clients. These include:

  • Peninsula Hot Springs wellness day with cultural walk
  • Belly casting
  • Create your own possum skin cloak

You can also get one of our Smoke-Free Homes and Cars packs from the KMS team

For more information, contact the Koori Maternity Services Aboriginal Support Workers on (03) 8902 9700.

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