Shar quit smoking late in pregnancy and you can too

Shar, a proud Wurundjeri mother of 3 gorgeous boys, shares her quit story. She started smoking around 17 and smoked for 10 years. She tried to quit smoking many times in the past, even out trying Champix and Nicotine patches. She quit smoking cold turkey when she was pregnant with Jonathon, her second son.

Shar and her 3 beautiful boys

“I was already pretty far into the pregnancy with my second son but better to quit than not at all”

“[My motivation to quit was] being pregnant and not wanting to expose the kids to it anymore and I was just over it and the fact that its so expensive as well. I set myself a day [to quit], I still had a few cigarettes in the pack so I gave them away -I don’t want them anymore.”

Read more about Shar’s inspiring quit story here

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